Nollywood Film Festival Germany and NEGA Awards since 2012

andNollywood Film Festival Germany – NFFG, is a viable platform designed for Nollywood film makers to showcase their movies to Europeans and Nollywood fans in the Diaspora and Nollywood Europe Golden Awards - NEGA Awards, comes up as a closing ceremony of NFFG event in every second week of September since 2012.
NEGA Awards is a platform designed to honour Nollywood stakeholders, stars, comedians, musicians (both in Africa and in the Diaspora) which has also been expanded to recognize the artistic bias of outstanding politicians and business men and women both in Africa and beyond but whose actions in the area of culture and tourism sector, have directly or indirectly impacted upon Nigerians worldwide and the industry in particular, thereby shaping what it has grown to become today.

The introduction of Nollywood Europe Golden Awards NEGA award to our profile since 2012 and “Nollywood Film Festival Germany - NFFG in 2014 ” have added values to Nigeria image in this part of the world.

We're eagerly looking forward to partnering with every worthy persons or institutions for the good of global integration, cultural promotion via Nollywood and of course, the image of Nigeria and Germany as well.

In case of further inquiries, be kind enough to contact us for further details.

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NEGA Gallery 2015

1st NEGA Recipients 2012 Essen Germany
Ajibola 2
Amb Rimdap And Ramsey In EGE Berlin Show
Benedicth, Mercy And Charles In Berlin
NEGA Recipients Foto
Sen James Izoya Queen B Itua Hollywood Star
Senator D James   His Excellency CG J Ejineka
Ambassadors 1
Bishop Senator
Bishop 1
Bishop Senator James
Blessing Bishop 2
FilmForum VIP 5
Isaac Blessing
Isaac Izoya Nolly Silver Screen
Obi Dangogo 2
Olu Steve
Queen Blessing 2
Queen Blessing 5
QueenAirport 3
Quenn Mathias
VIPs Ambassabor
Victor 3