Comedies /  isaac /  22 November 2017 /  29 views
EHIZOYA COMEDY: Do you want to simply laugh and forget your sorrow? Ehizoya Comedy got the vaccine. Stay turned and have unlimited fun with Maleke explosive Vol 1 - 4 stage performances across Europe cities. EHIZOYA GOLDEN ENTERTAINMENT E.V: We're Dedicated in promoting Global Integration and African Cultural Heritage Across Europe and Beyond via Nollywood films and road-shows. We encourage African entertainers by sponsoring Nollywood stars on Europe tour, Awarding well deserved stars "Nollywood E-Golden Awards - NEGA". We tell our personal experienced stories via Made in Europe Nollywood films for others to learn from. We promote Stand-up comedians as a means of putting smile on people faces and Nigerian Hip Hop stars to better Nigeria image abroad - hence, we says; "The Show Must Go On!" - Ehizoya Golden Entertainment e.V

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