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The metamorphosis of Klint da Drunk

…set to herald Nollywood Europe award By Fred Iwenjora
Klint Da Drunk 2Afam Igwemba better known as Klint Da Drunk is no doubt one of the A list comedians of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This recognition follows his popularizing of the drunken character and holding the audience spell bound for hours with it. But unknown to many, he is an all rounder who sings, acts, dances, masters events and most of all is a very talented fine artist and painter.
In the past, he  made an album, collaborated with others, acted in films. He still draws and paints all at same time as none of these talents has taken the back seat for the other. Klint had a first collaboration with Dat Nigger Raw and soon appeared in Nite of Thousand Laughs and the rest is history. In a chat with Newsmakers recently during one of his performances in PH, Klint explained that his interest in the arts became noticeable while he was a pupil in Primary school, developed further while he was in secondary school before being greatly nurtured at Institute of Management and Technology Enugu where he studied fine and applied arts. “It was at IMT that comedy caught up with me when I formulated a format to combine my gift of being able to make people laugh with my so called drunkenness and my ability to sing into a show that fans applaud. It was this that made fans start calling me de drunk. I thank God all the time because that kind of madness has taken me to places” He confirmed that he is currently putting finishing touches to his plans to be the headline of yearly Nollywood Europe Golden Awards NEGA organized by Ehizoya Golden Entertainment billed for Frankfurt, German later in the year