Chico wifeWhile Nigerians are still dazed in shock and disbelief on the passing of legendary Nollywood filmmaker, Chico Meziakpono Ejiro,  his wife of 26 years, Joy Efetobore, has penned a short eulogy to her departed better half.

In her first reaction since her husband died on Christmas day morning, Joy said Chico’s death was a rude shock that has left her confused and devastated.

Joy who runs Grandtorch Pictures with her late husband, wrote on her social media handle said she “thanked God for giving her the opportunity to spend the last 26yrs with her.


Hear her, “you were a selfless man who was a wonderful husband and a great father.

“I’m consoled by the beautiful life you lived and the impact you made in the movie industry and all that crossed your path. You will forever be in our hearts”.

The legendary filmmaker died on Friday in Lagos, following health complications.

Read the full text of her write up:… 

” This is a rude shock!!!!!!!! we had a lot of plans for Christmas, we spoke a lot about how the day will go, we were recounting how GOD has been good to us this year and how grateful we are to be alive, I never knew it was going to be my last midnight gist with you. You died in my hands Chico, you left me so confused and devastated.

In all, I thank GOD for giving me the opportunity to spend the last 26yrs with you, you were a selfless man who was a wonderful husband and a great father.

I’m consoled by the beautiful life you lived and the impact you made in the movie industry and all that crossed your path. You will forever be in our hearts. Till we meet again my Baby Boy, I will have plenty gist for you my best friend”

The Association of Movie Producers has joined other Nigerians to mourn the sudden demise of prolific movie producer, Chico Ejiro, who died on December 25, 2020.

Peace Anyiam OsigwePeace Anyiam-Osigwe, President Association of Movie Producers, in a statement made available via Official AMP whatsapp forum, mourned Chico’s sudden death while also extolling his sterling contributions to the Nigerian movie industry.

According to the statement, “Our ‘Chico’has left the earthly journey, the word chico in spanish translates to boy and in a way that describes our ‘Chico,’ who in a way was synonymous with everything Nollywood, there has been silence in the home of Producers as the one we call Mr Prolific left on Christmas day, to describe Chico Ejiro as a legend is an understatement, he created his style of having a phenomenal speed to produce films.

“Chico had a team and was always in preproduction whilst on a production, he wrote scripts, he directed and fundamentally he helped to create the stars that we celebrate today as Nollywood celebrities.

“Chico Ejiro was a very active member of the Association of Movie Producers, we will definitely miss him.

“We send our condolences to one of the founding fathers of the Association of Movie producers, Mr Zeb Ejiro who is the senior brother of Chico, the Sheik of Nollywood Mr Zeb Ejiro nurtured his brother Chico in his early sojourn in Nollywood.

“To his wife Joy Chico Ejiro, the children and the whole family may God continue to give the family the fortitude to bear the loss at this time.

Peace Anyiam-Osigwe MFR

President Association of Movie Producers

Sonny McDon-W aka Big Daddy Tribute to Chico.

Chico oh Chico.. why hast thou lay so low..

Arise from thy slumber the day is bright and beautiful..

Mortal men standing at hedge of the edge..

Why has the spirit being held you so low..

Arise take our hands and bold out as the warrior you are...

McDon aka BigDaddyPlease please please..Arise don't keep silent on Us..

Yesss...what did you say .?

Your whispers are too dim for us to comprehend...

Say it again please...

Ooh noooo...Chico no.

Did you say your phalanges are clipped

Your legs are lamed..

Your soul is travelled beyond your reach.. ?

Ooh noooo... Immortality why...?

Why art thou do dearing ..

Why do you immortalize the mortal with out permission..

Ooh Chico my brother, my friend in whom I am well please.. let it be.. just let it be..

Struggle no for the realms of the mortals for your days are done..

Fly the wings of the celestials for the curtain of your destiny is come to close..

Free yourself...

May your solemn soul find splendor in the bosom of the lord where joy, peace and everlasting tranquility reign in abundance..

Adieu CHICO EJIRO.. My brother my friend

Source: and Official AMP National Sec - Whatsapp Forum




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