Call for submission of Nollywood films for screening in Germany

NOLLYWOOD EUROPE GOLDEN AWARDS - (NEGA AWARDS) is designed to honour Nollywood stake-holders, Nollywood stars, comedians, musician both in Africa and in the Diaspora. Others are; outstanding and blameless politicians, but with record great interest in the industry and businessmen and women who have played important roles in making Nollywood what it has become today. Also included are successful Africans, whose impact have been profound in the culture and tourism sector”.

NFFG, is a viable platform designed for Nollywood film makers to showcase their movies to Europeans and Nollywood fans in the Diaspora.
Unless a special waiver is granted, films must comply with the following conditions in order to be selected: have been made during the last 24 months preceding the Festival It is possible to send a working copy of the film. When filling out the entry form, please state if it is the final version or a working version. – The Selection Committee only screens the films in DVD (PAL). – Both Blu-Ray DVD and DCP are acceptable for cinema screening.

The Blu-Ray DVD or DCP must be subtitled in English If the original version of the film is not in English.

Only Nollywood films that meet the following conditions may be chosen for invitation to the official Screening: • Films that have been produced during the twenty four months preceding the Festival • Films distribution is limited to its country of origin • Films that have not been shown on the Internet and TV.

In order to be selected as NFFG film, your film must not exceed 90 minutes in length, including credits. The NFFG Festival does not accept a film that is bellow 80 minutes including credits.

A deadline for registration is JUNE 21st, 2019. (By this date, the registration form below must have been filled out and validated). One of the accepted formats for NFFG films submitted for selection must be received by the Festival not later than JULY 31st, 2019.

Those whose films pass the quality assessment test and make the final list will be invited to the screening of their films at the NOLLYWOOD FILM FESTIVAL GERMANY – NFFG 2019 with world press in attendance. You will be contacted by NFFG department before the official press conference, which will take place towards end of July 2019. You must supply us either a DCP (Digital Cinema Package) with a JPEG 2000 file or a 35mm print, HDCAM / HDCAM-SR, Beta SP (Pal) or Digital Beta (Pal), Blu-Ray Disc + 3 standards DVD or online link. The Film Department will give you all the necessary information on time, only if your film is selected.

The print is admitted into Germany under the customs control of temporary admittance. All transportation costs, as well as the shipping agent’s fee and insurance are entirely borne by the producer or the sender. It is recommended to contact the shipping agent directly before dispatching the film, in order to enquire about pricing and to ensure that the whole operation runs smoothly.

The Screening Committee will accept to screen a film: 
• WITHOUT subtitles IF the original language is English. 
• WITH other languages but subtitles in English.

It is possible to present a working copy of the film but the submission of a final copy must not exceed the deadline. SEND BY POST TO!!